Mobiustrip table game

Möbiustrip is a board game played by university students.

Students can challenge themselves, improve and test their math skills by playing the game.

The Strip

The board is a big 3D printed component shaped like a Möbius strip: a mathematical object that is a twisted loop with one continuous side and one edge.

Supported by two transparent stands, the strip creates the illusion of hovering over the box that holds the question card decks.

Mobiustrip game with opened box

The game is played by two teams, each of which can consist of multiple players. The strip can rotate along its axis, allowing every player to conveniently view and move the pawns on the strip throughout the entire game.

Animated image of the rotating strip

The magnetic pawns are characterized as two of the greatest mathematicians from the past: Euclid and Gauss.

The pawns: Euclid and Gauss

They take a treacherous path along the strip, trying to find the way out before their opponent.


Game design: Luca Balletti, Francesco Bianco, Fabio Pasquali, Matteo Varbaro
Product design, graphics and illustrations: Francesco Bianco
Mathematical contents: Luca Balletti, Fabio Pasquali, Matteo Varbaro

Thanks to the students and professors of the Department of Mathematics, University of Genova for collaboration.


Game instructions (ITA)